Organisational information

Epilepsy South Africa is the only national non-profit organisation in the country focussing exclusively on rendering specialised and comprehensive services to people living with epilepsy and other disabilities, including education and economic empowerment through job creation and entrepreneurship- and skills training suited to almost any level of development. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of people living with and affected by epilepsy as well as other disabilities.

Our vision and mission


Epilepsy South Africa igniting the flame of potential.


Epilepsy South Africa promotes human rights and an inclusive society for persons with disabilities, primarily persons with epilepsy.

National Constitution

National Executive Committee

National Board

Branch Directors

Our Services

Advocacy and human rights

Epilepsy South Africa is a vigorous advocate for the realisation of the human rights of persons with epilepsy as defined in South African legislation and the United National Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

Social Development services

Counselling, Health and welfare services, Day care facilities and stimulation groups, Child and youth development, Lifeskills training, Food security projects

Residential care

Epilepsy SA accommodates persons with epilepsy (and other disabilities) at branch level residential care centres. Services include a safe working environment in protective workshops, stimulation programmes, social work services and medical care.

Community development

Protective workshops offer opportunities not only for employment, but also for skills development to enhance employability.

Open labour market employment enables the direct inclusion of persons with epilepsy. Epilepsy SA offers services in terms of recruitment, assessments, placement and employment support for employers and employees.

Small business development refers to both entrepreneurship (individual level) and income generation initiatives (group level). Epilepsy SA offers a variety of entrepreneurial development training programmes (including programmes of the International Labour Organisation) at both entrepreneurial and trainer levels.

Skills development

Technical skills training: Epilepsy South Africa develops technical skills through on-the-job training of persons with epilepsy. Training aims to meet industry requirements and standards and enable access the open labour market or small business development.

Learnerships are offered in a variety of fields and levels, including business administration, early childhood development, cleaning and hygiene and furniture manufacturing.

Bursaries are available for students with epilepsy for tertiary education via our Educational Trust. Applications must be submitted on the prescribed form by 31 October annually.